Helping families demystify the will and legacy process


GetDynasty revolutionizes legacy planning with an online platform that simplifies creating wills and trust documents, making it accessible, secure, and user-friendly.

  • Developed an intuitive online trust creation process
  • Implemented a secure guardianship planning feature
  • Enhanced user experience with streamlined digital solutions
  • Facilitated legal documentation and notarization online
new customer accounts in 2023
assets protected by GetDynasty Trusts
money saved by families using GetDynasty in 2023

About GetDynasty

GetDynasty is an innovative company dedicated to demystifying and facilitating the will and legacy planning process. Their online platform empowers individuals to plan for their family's future securely and conveniently, ensuring their wishes are honored.

They stand at the forefront of digital estate planning, offering a platform where creating testaments is accessible, secure, and convenient.


GetDynasty's challenge was dual-faceted: creating a trustworthy online solution for estate planning that manages both Trusts (trustworthy online solutions for estate planning) and Guardianships (ensure the future protection of minors). It demanded an integrated approach to handling sensitive decisions and legalities with utmost precision and care.

We were also challenged to develop the Notary signing feature, in which the client signs via browser and a robotic arm replicates the signature in a physical document. It is a safe process with multiple methods of identification.


A collaborative and iterative approach to development characterized the GetDynasty project. Initial discussions among crucial team members set the tone for the project, while our team focused on the feature development side.

The process was as much about developing new functionalities as it was about fostering an environment of continuous learning and improving the product and third-party integrations. The highlight is the digital Notary Signing process, which has become a core feature of GetDynasty’s product.

As part of our continuous improvement ethos, we leveraged the project to refine our front-end development practices further.

Implementing advanced coding standards and error-handling procedures not only bolstered the platform's robustness but also streamlined future development efforts.

Wrapping it all, our team crafted an experience that would make users feel secure and supported as they made crucial life decisions.


Upon completion of the Trust and Guardianship workflow, the GetDynasty project marked significant achievements. A standout feature was the integration of a Notary signing process, echoing the legal reliability of in-person notarization and enhancing the platform's trustworthiness at launch.

This partnership reinforced the necessity of foundational processes for a smoother, more organized product development. It highlighted the pivotal role of clear, transparent communication in aligning expectations and strengthening team cohesion. One of the most notable aspects was our collaborative guidance with the client, enhancing our workflow through detailed specifications and documentation. Staying receptive to feedback and maintaining flexibility in the face of change were key learnings that drove the project's success.