Discovery and Product concept

Take your idea and turn it into a well-defined product concept to better understand what is needed to bring it to life.

Through a set of activities that generate shared knowledge, we conduct a discovery process to understand the target audience's needs, explore alternatives, test solutions, and bring insights to guide the strategy of a first version for a new product or new functionality.

The outcome is a clear project roadmap, a list of features, and a complete understanding of the project's goals. Depending on the client's needs, we can also deliver Lo-Fi, Hi-Fi prototypes or the entire UI design ready for development by our or other teams.

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What the heck is Discovery?

Discovery is the process that helps the team gain knowledge about people's problems and needs, enabling them to validate potential solutions before committing to software development of an entirely new product or just parts of it.
When you establish a close relationship with your users and prioritize their input, your product strategy becomes more effective in solving real-world problems, improving the chances for your business to succeed.

Who is it for?


Anyone starting to create a new product and wants to shape their strategy, test their ideas, and learn from their findings before investing significant resources in building it.


Anyone who wants to validate their product or service to attract investors by showcasing a clear and well-defined concept.

The process

Our "Discovery and Product Concept" service is a collaborative process designed to uncover valuable insights and create a clear foundation for your software project.
1) Project Kickoff and Goal Setting

An in-depth consultation with your team and stakeholders to understand your business objectives, target audience, and project goals to ensure our efforts align with your vision and mission.

2) Review of existing materials

Comprehensive review to understand the product context better. It may include analyzing the current solution, performing competitive research, evaluating industry trends, reviewing business metrics, investigating strategic reports, and examining previous research.

3) User Research

Research planning and execution to gain a deep understanding of user needs and behaviors, findings analysis, patterns and insight identification, and discovery of improvement opportunities.

4) Problem Statement and Solution Ideation

Close work with your team to define the core problems your software will address. Based on the research insights, we ideate potential solutions to validate.

5) Feature Prioritization and MVP definition

Together, we prioritize features and functionalities for your software product necessary to validate the solution.

6) Design Concept

Our UX designers create wireframes and prototypes to illustrate the user journey and interface design, ensuring a user-friendly, visually appealing, and accessible product concept that makes the solution tangible.

7) Technical Feasibility Assessment

We assess the technical feasibility of the product concept, considering factors such as technology stack, scalability, and infrastructure requirements.

8) Roadmapping

A first roadmap created by us outlines the development milestones, timelines, and dependencies based on the approved design concept.

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Common deliverables

Research Report

Report outlining the product concept, including its purpose, goals, target audience, and research insights and recommendations.

Design concept

Wireframes, prototypes, and design mockups illustrating the user interface and user journey. These visuals help you envision the final product's look and feel.

MVP roadmap

A prioritized list of features and functionalities and an initial development roadmap. It also includes recommendations for technology stack, scalability, and infrastructure.

Additional Assets

Depending on the project's specific needs, additional deliverables such as user stories, use cases or technical documentation may also be included.

Discovery and Product Concept benefits


Reduced risk of building something that does not meet your target audience's needs by validating your ideas before committing to development.


Enhanced user experience based on customer feedback from the beginning of the process.


Informed decision-making through user and market data.


Clarity in the scope of work with an initial roadmap for development.

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