An app to assist women victims of violence


Our challenge was to create a new product for the Mete a Colher organization that would be capable of helping social workers and women in all sorts of work and home environments, creating a safe space for them to report and deal with any kind of violence.

  • Tech and business consulting, helping Mete a Colher make more informed decisions (CTO as a service).
  • Build the entire product from scratch.
  • Design consulting to enhance in-app experience.
Deliver a new product Mete a Colher could sell to their clients.
Implement a faster screening process for social workers to help victims of harassment.
Guarantee a safe space for women to report harassment while having their privacy respected.

Mete a Colher

Mete a Colher is a startup that uses technology as an ally to combat violence against women. When they contacted us, in 2019, they were getting ready to build a new product, called Tina. It was meant to help female employees from large companies report any kind of violence, at work or at home. We were very excited to be part of the team, since our values are an almost perfect match.


Mete a Colher already had a design concept for Tina but no tech team to build it and make the product available for the large companies and their employees.

In order to meet their objectives, they already had a few deadlines they needed to meet, so we had to act accordingly. Together with their team, we prioritized the main features to deliver value as soon as possible. Meanwhile, we also identified opportunities for improvement in their design process, helping their team craft a better solution.



One of the particulars that were a must for Tina was, obviously, privacy and safety. It doesn’t matter what we thought about the product, the main concern had to be, at every step, privacy and safety. So that’s what we mainly focused on: creating an experience in which women would be and feel safe to report any kind of violence, and where volunteers and social workers that were eager to help would have enough information to effectively help the victims.

So we understood how security and privacy were of the utmost importance to the product:  We embedded privacy into the very fabric of the product, making sure that the women who needed the service were well informed about sharing their personal information. To that end, we made sure that these users were completely and absolutely anonymous.


Today, Tina was used by hundreds of women, who reported all kinds of violence and were helped by a network of volunteers and social workers specialized in this cases. Huge companies, such as Carrefour, Natura, Bayer and others, used Tina, helping create not only a safer work environment, but also a better world for women everywhere.

Unfortunately today the product is no longer available due to lack of funds.